We take great pride in being a trusted and reliable partner you can count on for years. For us, it’s never just about the next deal. It’s always about the next decade.


We offer a unique network of suppliers in Europe and Asia. We focus on getting our products to the right people and make all steps in between as seamless and smooth as possible.


The environment and sustainability comes first. We take great pride in choosing to work with companies and people who strive for a sustainable future for our planet and children.

Nordic-Solutions ApS

We are an international furniture company based in Denmark, merging designs together with craftsmanship in Eastern Europe and Asia. Resulting in a well-balanced blend of quality furniture and competitive prices benefitting both customers and suppliers.

We source and develop furniture per your request
We develop products in close cooperation with our customers. We travel to fairs in Europe and Asia, to get inspiration. We source in parts of the world with best competences of the specific product. Therefore, we have partners in several Eastern European and Asian countries. The diversity of competencies at these markets enables us to supply a broad range of products in countless materials. We constantly strive to develop and in doing so, using new materials and finishes in order to meet new trends and developments.

We have our own setup securing a high and consistent quality level, firmly kept delivery schedules and an effective product development. We have daily presence at our suppliers, monitoring production schedules and securing agreed quality of the products.

We thrive to deliver top-quality furniture delivered on time to our customers.

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